PRCTH 2020

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Philippine Research Conference on Tourism and Hospitality 2020 | Food Tourism as a Driver for Rural Development

Thank you for your interest in participating in our ONLINE conference. Please be aware of the policy of journal(s) or conference(s) that you plan to submit your work to in the future. PRCTH does not accept already published or presented papers.

General Instructions

  1. Your abstract must have word count of 250 to 1,000.
  2. Your abstract must contain the background of the study, the research question(s), significance, methodology, result(s) and conclusion(s). You may also submit an abstract for a research proposal (no result(s) and conclusion (s) yet).
  3. Use American English for spelling.
  4. Use the abstract submission template .
  5. Please email your abstract to or you may upload it through here.
  6. In your email write the subject as PRCTH2020abstract.
  7. Attach as one doc file NOT pdf.
  8. Use Calibri, Cambria or similar font, Size 12, 1.5 spacing, aligned left.
  9. Abstract submission deadline is August 15, 2020.

Review Process

  1. The submission is reviewed for suitability for the conference. 
  2. If judged suitable, the abstract (full paper) will undergo double blind review.
  3. Based on the recommendation of the reviewers, the head of the review committee will inform you by email whether your abstract or full paper has been accepted without revision, needs to be revised and resubmitted, or rejected.

Submit your abstract here or email us at

By prcth

The Philippine Research Conference on Tourism and Hospitality is jointly organized by the Asian Institute of Tourism and the Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management.

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